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Saltwater vs. Chlorine Pools: Which is Best?

Making the decision to buy a pool for your Orlando, FL home requires much more thought now, thanks to wonderful innovations in the industry. You can now choose between a saltwater or chlorine-based pool systems.

The team at B. M. Wemple Pools is happy to go over these different selections to safeguard you from making the wrong decision, which can waste time and money for both your family and ours. Both bring their own set of pros and cons, so we must keep ourselves up-to-date on all the latest innovations and advancements in the pool industry. By studying these newer systems, we give you the confidence necessary when hiring someone to tackle such a life-changing project. Feel better by calling on B. M. Wemple Pools today, and let's discuss your needs and wants for new chlorine or saltwater pool.

You can also use our experience to your advantage when looking to add accessories. Our staff shows up at your house fully state licensed and authorized to work on all of your pool's systems. So not only can you purchase your pool from us, but we can deliver exceptional maintenance and repair services when you need them most. We are a family-owned and -operated team who has been providing those in the Central Florida area with our unparalleled pool services for more than 30 years! Call today if you have further questions or need assistance.

Difference Between Saltwater and Chlorine Pools

When deciding which to choose, a saltwater pool or chlorine-based pool, the main factor you need to consider is how you wish to have your water sanitized. The two primary methods homeowners can choose from is saltwater or chlorine. Both will require certain chemicals to safeguard your family and guests from bacteria and other germs. One uses chlorine directly, while the special salts are used to create it through electrolysis. Chlorine is generally the culprit for the smell letting people know you just finished taking a dip. Both are effective at sanitizing the water and keeping everyone protected while using your pool.

Benefits of Saltwater Pools

Using saltwater as the chosen form of protection in your swimming pool is rising in terms of popularity. Swimmers all across the country have grown tired of the chlorine smell and feel after a day at the pool. The manner in which saltwater creates the necessary chlorine for protection removes both, no matter how long you swim. Below are some of the other benefits of choosing saltwater:

  • Cheaper Day-to-Day Operation Cost
  • Healthier For Your Hair, Skin, Eyes, and More
  • Reduced Smells During and After Swim
Benefits of Chlorine Pools

The traditional way of sanitizing your pool comes in the form of adding chlorine to the list of chemicals you put in it. This was the only way to add chlorine for many years, so many pools came standard with it installed. You will also need to keep an eye on the levels throughout the day to ensure it is mixing correctly with the other chemicals you use to keep your pool and family protected from germs and bacteria. Below are some more benefits you can expect from a chlorine pool:

  • Easier to Maintain While Enjoying Pool
  • Even on Chilly Days, You Still Get Protected
  • Some Actually Enjoy the Smell
Orlando, FL Relies on B. M. Wemple Pools to Stay Cool

Owning a pool, no matter which one you choose, is a year-round commitment when you live in Orlando, FL. B. M. Wemple Pools can help you take care of it efficiently and effectively by installing your new salt or chlorine delivery system. You can also count on us for regular maintenance and instruction to ensure you can enjoy your pool as much as possible in between our visits. If you have questions or believe your pool needs immediate attention, please give our specialists a call. With over 30 of experience on our team, you can count on us to find a personalized solution to match your needs and budget.

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