Daily Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips

Daily Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips

Our aim at B.M. Wemple Pools is to ensure you and your family can enjoy the pool whenever you want. To do this, there will be daily pool cleaning chores you need to accomplish.

We can help you understand what you need to complete and how you can adequately maintain it before each dip and in between our visits. These cleaning tips will require special equipment and tools, which we can help you get as well. Thanks to our 30+ years in the industry, we have picked up these helpful tips along the way to ensure owning a pool is as easy as making that first cannonball in the deep end

B.M. Wemple Pools can provide you with so much more as well. When it comes to any maintenance you need for your pool to remain functioning, count on us to do it all. We equip our team members with the knowledge necessary to complete simple and complex repairs. You can also rely on us to build your decking around the pool to give everyone a safe space to sunbathe on or place your new BBQ set. Give us a call today, and let us show you how we can help you and your family enjoy your backyard with a brand-new pool.

B.M. Wemple Pools' Different Pool Cleaning Services

Whether you need a complete drain for calcium removal or just a sweep of debris after a heavy storm, B.M. Wemple Pools can help you with it all. Our vast services ensure a clean swim every time one of your family members jumps in for a splash. It is imperative you follow these cleaning guidelines to keep everyone safe when swimming; otherwise, you will just have a giant bathtub that can spread bacteria and diseases. Proper cleaning habits make your pool a safe place for friends and family to enjoy and get away from the heat. Check out our options for cleaning below:

  • Full Pool Cleaning
  • Restoration
  • Seasonal Maintenance

Pool Cleaning Tips From the B.M. Wemple Pros

While we can help with the big pool cleanings and seasonal maintenance, you will be responsible for the daily cleaning required to keep your swimmers safe. Once installed, our staff can walk you through your pool's maintenance and cleaning habits. Check out the list below if you need a refresher on the proper steps:

Skimming and Scrubbing: While it may seem obvious, you need to make sure your pool stays free of debris. Using a skimmer, you should pull out fallen leaves and branches. There also may be grass from when you take care of the lawn. Some dirt will settle at the bottom of your pool, and you will need to use a vacuum to keep it clean. There could also be bugs or small animals that make their way into the pool, which you will need to remove immediately. Once removed, you may need to treat the pool with special chemicals.

Filter Checks: Those same small animals may get caught in your filters here, so pay special close attention to the baskets before and after getting out of the pool. Keeping this equipment clear helps your pool stay as clean as possible. Pull them out and give them a quick rinse to ensure nothing stops the filter from adequately doing its job.

Consistent Chemical Check: Staying on top of your chemicals is the number one way to ensure everyone's safety when swimming at your pool. We recommend checking the chemicals' levels at least three times a day to maintain balance. The B.M. Wemple Pools specialists can help you understand how to read the test results and bring them to a better ratio when out of line.

Chemical Substitutes: If you run out of chemicals midday, not to worry! There are some alternative options you could use that you may have sitting around the house already. Baking soda is an excellent substitution for sodium bicarbonate. You need this chemical solution to control the alkalinity level of your pool. It helps reduce the amount of pH levels. It also costs a fraction of the price.

Shocking Your Pool: Did you throw a big bash over the weekend only to come out Monday and notice how cloudy your pool is? That cloudiness is bacteria leftover from your guests. While not always bad, you should shock your pool as soon as possible to remove the clouds and get a clear pool.

Maintain Water Levels: Keeping your pool's water level regulated is as essential as your chemicals. They rely on each other to stay balanced. For example, if you have too much water, you will have to add chemicals to make up the difference, and if your water is low, the chemicals will be at too high of levels and may not be safe for swimming.

Absorb Left Behind Oils: It is not uncommon to wear sunscreen or tanning oils when relaxing by the pool. If you do not wait long enough for them to adhere fully, you can leave these behind in the pool, creating a greasy or film-like layer on top of the water. You can easily remove this layer by tossing a few tennis balls in and letting them float around for a bit. The balls will collect oils, and then you can pull them out and clean them.

Power Washing the Deck: If you can keep the pool deck clean, you won't have to worry so much about it when it comes to skimming. Renting a power washer will help you get deep into the cracks and crevices of your deck to keep it as clean as possible.

Schedule Regular Maintenance and Seasonal Cleaning: Finally, the best thing you can do for your pool is to make sure you call B.M. Wemple Pools to schedule regular deep cleanings. Since Orlando and the surrounding area experience great weather all year, it is important we send out our professionals at least four times a year for a cleaning. We will also check in on your equipment to ensure everything is functioning properly.

Reach Out to B.M. Wemple Pools Today For Help

We gladly help those in the Orlando, FL area and beyond correctly maintain and clean their pools. Owning a pool is a significant responsibility, and B.M. Wemple Pools is just the team to help you with the pool cleaning and maintenance. Give us a call as soon as you notice issues with your equipment, chemical levels or just need tips on cleaning your pool. We can offer you our 30+ years of experience and so much more.

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