Pool Service in Oviedo, FL

Pool Service in Oviedo, FL

BM Wemple Pools Provides Pool Repair and Service

Owning a pool is a luxury and a lot of fun. Residential pools give homeowners plenty of opportunities to entertain guests, host cookouts, and throw memory-filled birthday parties for their children. You don't have to have a heated pool to do it, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take the plunge. Heated pools enable pool owners to enjoy the comforts and fun of a pool regardless of the outdoor temperature. No more dipping a toe in the water, submerging yourself slowly, or ripping the band-aid off by just jumping in. Instead, take a relaxing, moon-lit swim in October by calling BM Wemple Pools today. We're famous for our pool service in Oviedo, FL and the surrounding area, and we know how to install all the components of a pool heater safely.

Different Kinds of Heaters and Their Advantages

Even on an especially hot day, you can't expect your pool's water temperature to rise above 77 degrees. While 77 degrees makes for a welcoming pool environment, the temperature doesn't have to drop much to ruin a happy spring, summer, or fall day. So, how does a pool heater work? First, you need to understand the array of options available and how each acts slightly differently:

  • Heat pumps: Heat pumps are usually the most common method of heating a swimming pool. They offer several advantages to make them worth your investment. For instance, they run efficiently and don't consume much energy. Heat pumps are extremely quiet, which means they won't produce a din to obscure your calming day by the pool. Their long lifespan, ability to heat large pools, and ease of use are also big pluses.
  • Heat exchanger: If installing a heat pump doesn't work from a cost perspective, then a heat exchanger presents an excellent comparison point and alternative. Heat exchangers do not continuously heat the pool, and they are less eco-friendly than the other pool heater options. However, heat exchangers are cheaper to install, and more importantly, heat the water much faster than heat pumps.
  • Gas heater: This option uses either gas or propane to provide heat to your pool. Perhaps the most significant benefit of a gas heater is the low price point of operation. The most significant expense is staying well-stocked on propane or gas, but replacement barrels are not expensive. They're efficient and do a great job keeping your pool warm throughout the year.
Stay Healthy with a Longer Exercise Season in the Pool

One stealthy-great reason to own a pool is the aerobic benefits it offers. For some, intensive exercise is too hard on the joints. Running, weight lifting, and other forms of exercise isn't a possibility. Swimming is. What a pool heater offers is a way for homeowners to get daily exercise, regardless of the temperature outside. Unheated pools don't provide that benefit. With a heat pump, heat exchanger, or gas heater, you'll be able to extend the swimming season well into the fall.

Our Comprehensive List of Services

BM Wemple Pools has years of experience providing the pool service and repairs Oviedo, FL requires to stay sun-soaked through the year. Pools are a lot of fun to own, but homeowners should never forget they are also a responsibility. A lot of things can go wrong with your pool if left unattended. From the filters to the heating components, you must stay up-to-date on all servicing and repairs. We offer several services to pool owners:

  • Pool cleaning: Routine cleaning can be done at home using store-bought chemicals and tools. However, it is wise to let the experts at BM Wemple Pools take care of more thorough cleaning responsibilities. Pool cleaning is necessary because chemical imbalances and contaminants can ruin critical components and result in hefty repair fees. It's better to be proactive.
  • Full servicing: BM Wemple Pools can take your investment in a heated pool even further by providing bi-weekly pool servicing. During a typical appointment, we'll check the water chemistry, skim the pool, brush the water-line tile, vacuum if necessary, and more.
  • Recovery services: Your pool should be an inviting blue, not an unnerving green. Recovery services are for when your pool's water is no longer green. We can help restore the water quality to where it should be.
  • Seasonal maintenance: If bi-weekly appointments are needed, then consider our annual maintenance plans. These appointments make sure your Oviedo, FL heated pool is ready for summer.
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BM Wemple Pools eagerly awaits your business. Our team has years of experience converting unheated pools into heated pools by using technology that makes sense for our clients. We'll work with you to determine which heating method is best for your budget and pool and then set to work installing it. To get started, contact us today.

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