Pool Walkthrough

Pool Inspections for New Builds & First-Time Homebuyers

Owning a swimming pool is a blessing, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. BM Wemple Pools offers swimming pool walkthroughs for homeowners in Central Florida.

Our team receives many calls from new residents who have just purchased a home with a pool but have no idea how to use it or keep it well-maintained.

While you have an excellent opportunity to enjoy lots of fun, exercise, and relaxation in your pool, you also need to know how to keep it clean, safe, and healthy. Learn more about our pool walkthrough service, the components of your swimming pool, and the importance of these services. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

Complete Pool Inspections & Walkthroughs

Our team can show you how to get the most out of your recent investment, walking you through the basics of your pool systems. We label your systems and evaluate any problems they may be having. We'll review what you need to do on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to keep your pool crystal clear, including how to handle inclement weather and seasonal changes. Whether you're a first-time pool owner or looking for a refresher course in keeping your pool in great shape, scheduling a pool walkthrough is time well spent. Buying a home with a pool is exciting, but first-time buyers or homeowners with a new build should be knowledgeable about their pools. New pool installation should come with a pool walkthrough from our experts. We will evaluate all your pool's systems to find out what kind of shape your pool is in and which services it may require.

A Full Review of Your Pool's Systems & Components

Just as you have a house inspected before buying it, you need to know what you're in for when it comes to your new swimming pool. Our team can perform a complete pool inspection and walkthrough to catch any problems and create a plan to repair them. In some cases, you'll be delighted to learn that your pool is in excellent condition, but you may not be so lucky. Don't worry, though, because our team knows how to handle any situations we find with your swimming pool. We will inspect the following components and more:

  • Interior finish materials
  • Pumps, blowers, and motors
  • Decks, handrails, steps, and ladders
  • Heaters
  • Skimmers, drains, and filters
  • Automatic safety controls
  • Conduits and visible electrical components
  • Visible piping and valves
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters
  • Underwater lighting
  • Timer assemblies
  • Child-safety barrier provisions

The Importance of Pool Walkthroughs & Inspections

Whether you just moved into a new home or neglected your pool for too long, we're here to help. We can perform pool walkthroughs during any season so that you can enjoy your pool during the warmer months. A thorough pool inspection is the best way to catch potential problems before they become health or safety hazards. Catching these minor issues early can save you money and hassle, avoiding expensive repairs in the future. We can also perform commercial swimming pool inspections and provide maintenance, cleaning, and repair services for home and business owners in the area.

Schedule Your Pool Walkthrough Today

Moving into a new home is exciting, but you don't know what may be lurking beneath the surface of your new swimming pool. The team at BM Wemple Pools does it all when it comes to swimming pools, including calcium stain removal, pool resurfacing, pool plumbing and draining, pool decking, pool repair, pool cleaning, pool rock refurbishing, and more. Whether you love your pool and just need some professional care or you want to make significant changes, we're here for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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