Pool Rock Refurbishing

Artificial Pool Rock Refurbishing Services

If your pool has rock work and features, the team at BM Wemple Pools is here to help repair, maintain, and refurbish it.

As Oviedo, FL's trusted swimming pool experts, we can take care of your artificial rock waterfall and any other elaborate rock features. Rock features add a whole new level of style to swimming pools, but over time they're likely to fade, crack, or otherwise become damaged. Contact our team for any pool services you need, including repair, decking, resurfacing, rock work, stonescapes, and more.

Artificial Rock Waterfall Repair

If you're fortunate enough to have an artificial rock waterfall or swimming pool waterfall, we're here to help keep it in good shape. Waterfalls are a beautiful addition to any pool, but they don't last forever. Get in touch with us if your waterfall needs to be repaired or re-colored. Wear and tear are common with pool rock work, and colors and finishes tend to fade away over time. If your waterfall was constructed with gunite or shotcrete and doesn't look how you imagined it, we can help. Our team can re-texture your waterfall to make it more attractive and natural-looking. BM Wemple Pools is also here for you if your waterfall has never operated properly. Many pool companies build waterfalls incorrectly, but we can fix that. Components of waterfalls can rust away from rain and pool water, and artificial rocks can also crack and fall apart. Large streaks of rust can also appear along the side of your pool. If you're experiencing any of these issues, don't hesitate to contact us and find out what we can do for you.

Coloring & Resealing Rock Features

If your swimming pool incorporates expertly crafted rock features, our team can help you evaluate their current condition and maintain them using concrete stain and repair techniques. While some homeowners think that color and sealant fading makes their rocks look more natural, maintenance is crucial to preserve the integrity and longevity of your pool investment. Fractures and cracks in stones need to be addressed in order to prolong the life of your rock feature. Like other issues such as calcium buildup in your pool, it's essential to catch and treat problems early on before they become more significant. Our weekly pool service prevents issues before they arise, and finds them in their early stages if they do.

Other Rock Work Refurbishing Services

We can get your pool's rock features looking as good as new with a variety of services. We can ensure your rock features look great and are structurally sound to last many years, even in the Florida sun. Check out some of the rock work refurbishing services we can provide for your pool:

  • Artificial Rock Repainting – Your rock water features usually look great for about the first five years. But the sun's UV rays as well as rain and pool water impact the color of the rock over time, causing a slow fade. Rocks painted in more brilliant colors like browns, golds, and greens tend to fade faster than those with more muted tones such as grays or cremes. When you notice white effloresce streaming down or popping out of your rocks, it's time to schedule a repaint. While the white, chalky powder is a cosmetic issue, it's often the sign of moisture intrusion from beneath the rock.
  • Artificial Rock Repair – If your pool's artificial rocks have severe cracks or breakage, it's time for our rock repair services. We can also come to the rescue if you notice rusted rebar, degeneration of concrete, leaks in plumbing, and other cosmetic issues. We can use techniques to make your rock features more appealing, including reshaping, resizing, repainting, and edging.
  • And More – Additionally, we can take care of seepage at joints between rocks, water loss with no apparent cracks, damage to the rock surface in the watercourse area, calcium deposits in mortar joints or custom rock work, and more.

Pool Renovation, Rock Work, & More

The team at BM Wemple Pools specializes in all types of pool renovations, including rock work, tile, resurfacing, water features, decking, and more. We're also your Oviedo area experts for pool cleaning, repair, maintenance, and more. We've provided 30 years and three generations of quality service, making us your #1 choice for residential pool services. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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