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High-Quality Pool Resurfacing Services

Over the years, every component of your pool is likely to wear out, including its interior. BM Wemple Pools specializes in professional pool resurfacing for homeowners in Oviedo, FL and the surrounding areas.

There are many options for resurfacing your swimming pool, and a brand new finish can change its appearance for the better.

With all the options available, you'll need some guidance on which way to go with your pool resurface. We'll give you a general overview here, and we're also happy to speak with you about your unique pool and preferences.

Swimming Pool Resurfacing Options

Plaster remains the most common pool finish for residential concrete or gunite pools. With that being said, other options such as exposed aggregate have become more popular among homeowners. Each resurfacing option comes with a different price, so be sure to take your budget into account when considering the following choices:

  • Paint – It's not a long-term solution, but using high-quality epoxy paint is by far your most affordable option. Painting a rundown pool surface is often considered a Band-Aid, but it can buy you time to save up for a more expensive pool renovation project down the line.
  • Plaster – Also known as whitecoat or marcite, plaster is commonly used for residential swimming pools because it's affordable and durable. Plaster isn't your most attractive option, but white plaster can make a nice backdrop for pool water and produces a clean look. Plaster is available in multiple colors as well.
  • Aggregate – Becoming a more popular choice, aggregate is composed of plaster mixed with quartz or pebbles. An aggregate finish results in an attractive and sometimes colorful surface that lasts a long time. Aggregate can be somewhat pricey, with popular options including Pebble Tec and Wet Edge.
  • Tiles – An excellent luxury option, tiles are expensive because of the labor and materials involved. If your budget isn't a factor, tile is definitely an option to consider. Tile can be made of stone, glass, or porcelain. It's easy to clean and gives your pool an upscale look.

Pool Replastering & Crack Repair Services

Swimming pools are considered a luxurious amenity, which is why you should keep them looking good and working properly. The experienced team of pool remodelers at BM Wemple Pools is here to keep your in-ground swimming pool in tip-top shape with our resurfacing, replastering, and other services.

  • Pool Replastering – Your pool's plaster job is to provide a watertight seal that keeps water from leaking into the ground. With regular use and care, your pool can last up to 20 years before needing to be replastered. There are several colors and patterns available to personalize your pool's plaster. A typical pool replastering job takes up to three days, which includes draining, acid washing, and application of new coats before refilling.
  • Pool Plaster Repair – Your pool's plaster will degrade over time, but our team can repair small damaged areas without needing to remove the entire coat. Our technicians start by draining your pool and then performing a backwash to clean out your filters. From there, we remove debris from the damaged area of the plaster. We then create a plaster patch mix, fill in the crack, and smooth it over before refilling the pool with water. After examining your pool, we'll give you an estimate and determine whether a repair or full recoat is necessary.
  • Pool Crack Repair – The damage to your pool's structure sometimes goes beyond the top surface. When it extends into the gunite or shotcrete shell, you're at risk for leakage. When this happens, our team can repair the crack and resurface your entire pool if need be. We'll assess the situation and determine the best course of action to repair cracks in your pool.

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