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Expert Calcium Stain Removal Services

Calcium is good for your bones, but not for your swimming pool. The team at BM Wemple Pools wants to help you keep your Oviedo, FL area pool calcium free.

If you notice scale deposits in your pool, you likely have calcium buildup. Removing calcium from your pool tile will make it safe to swim in. It's important to know what you can do to remove calcium from your pool and when you should call the professionals. Hard water, evaporation, and chemicals all can lead to calcium deposits, as can heated pools and those with high pH levels. Check out this guide to calcium stain removal, and contact us to get the job done right.

How Serious are Calcium Deposits?

Calcium scale will get worse the longer you leave it alone. Over time, it can damage your pool and its equipment. It's essential to remove calcium from pool tiles to protect your family and your pool. Calcium buildup in swimming pools can irritate your skin and eyes. Calcium scale can clog pool filters, not allowing them to do their job. Calcium in the filter makes your pool's system slow down and not work properly. Calcium scale can also damage the bottom of your pool, requiring you to have it refinished, which could be an expensive undertaking.

Techniques to Remove Calcium from Your Pool

Being proactive and tackling calcium deposits when you first notice them is crucial. There are a few things you can do on your own, but sometimes you need to call in the big guns. Try these do-it-yourself tips first.

  • Calcium removers – Purchase a heavy calcium releaser that's non-toxic. These products remove calcium without damaging your pool's tile or impacting its pH level. Start by reducing the water level so you can access all the tile with calcium buildup on it. Use a putty knife or pad and crack off the thickest calcium crust. Apply the calcium remover to the tile and allow it to soak for a few minutes. You'll know it's working when the cleaner bubbles up. Use a scrubbing brush or pad to scrub the tile to remove the second layer of calcium buildup. Apply the cleaner and repeat the process until all calcium has been removed. Allow the tile to dry completely and then apply a sealer to prevent future calcium buildup.
  • Pumice stone or nylon brush cup – Try using a pumice stone or a PoolStone for the removal of caked-on calcium deposits. This is hard work, and you'll need a lot of elbow grease. Make sure you only use pumice stones on tile and concrete and not your pool's lining or soft surfaces. Make sure the tile and stone are wet before you get started, so you don't scratch the tile. You might want to try a cordless drill and nylon bristle wheel or brush cup to help you scrub the calcium buildup away. Don't use steel wheels or cups because they could damage your tile and cause rust at the bottom of the pool.
  • Vinegar – A homemade cleaning solution can sometimes remove calcium from pool tiles. Start with a spray bottle filled with a solution of water and vinegar. Use a cleaning brush or an old toothbrush to spray and scrub the impacted tile. Vinegar is non-toxic and works best during the early stages of pool scaling. It might not be as effective for severe calcium buildup.

When to Call in the Professionals

If none of these techniques worked for you or you simply don't have the time or energy to try them, the next step is to contact the experienced professionals at BM Wemple Pools. Severe cases of pool scaling require a process known as bead blasting, which is sometimes called pressure washing. Our team can use a compressor to blast beads, sand, or other materials on your pool tile. This high-speed process quickly scrapes away calcium buildup, saving you lots of time and effort. Magnesium sulfate is commonly used to blast away the calcium from pool tiles. This option will cost you more than doing it yourself, but sometimes it's the best way to go.

Being proactive and practicing proper pool maintenance is the best way to avoid calcium buildup. We offer pool cleaning and maintenance to help you prevent calcium buildup, and our expert technicians can recognize it before it becomes a more significant issue. Contact us today to learn more about our calcium stain removal services in Oviedo, FL.

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